ARCH 402B: Architectural Design IV Gallery: Thresholds: Los Angeles

Vermont Library & Housing

Located at 3685 S. Vermont Ave in Los Angeles, Vermont Library & Housing offers both affordable housing and public library to neighbors. The site has great potential of feasibility which is located near the Metro Line and Vermont Ave so the residents are encouraged to walk. While the Ground Floor and Second Floor serve as the public space such as library and community room, floors from third to sixth serves as housing for the residents. The project includes 56 housing units with 44 1-Bedroom and 12- 2-Bedroom units for proper customers. Huge voids make the building semi-closed space which allow security, cross ventilation and the sense of interaction toward the main streets. The residential terrace on third floor provides huge public space for the residents. Exposed wood on the balcony controls the warmth of the building with cement tile finish.