ARCH 402B: Architectural Design IV

Co-location Community Library + Housing Prototype for Los Angeles

Application of a Chicago Co- Location Competition to Los Angeles urban and community strategies for growth and transformations to meet current needs.

* the application of the prototype to co-locations suggesting its application to diverse cultural, economic and ethnic conditions in Los Angeles.

* the co-location library + senior housing demonstrates synergies in use and community involvement.

* a strategy of diversity in housing accommodation in neighborhoods throughout the city counters the contradiction between recognition of the importance of accessible affordable housing with a “not in my backyard” attitudes in primarily suburban low-density R1 residential neighborhoods.

* Los Angeles is primarily a city of suburban villages that is now being forced to increase housing density as a matter of policy, addressing both the crisis of homelessness and the affordability of housing in proximity to jobs.

* Architecture cannot successfully influence these issues without recognition of political, economic, social, environmental, and technological forces that are shaping the current city.

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