ARCH 793AB: Cultural Practice

Instructor: Andy Ku


How different would cities and architecture look like if we embraced existing cultures? Our ideas of architecture and urban planning is heavily influenced by colonialism/European architects and architecture. There’s so much we can learn from pre-exciting cultures to improve and diversify our cites. My interest lies in Damascene architecture, stemming from my background but also the significantly sparse documentation of an awe-inspring and intricate architecture history. In exploring Syrian or Shammi architecture from a micro level to a macro level, Syrian craftsmanship to the city of Damascus, will not only serve as an architectural endeavor but also as a cultural mission, redefining the boundaries of architectural practice and fostering cultural care and awareness in the built environment. The research will be used to create a conceptual urban design based on traditional Syrian (shammi/damasca-n) patterns, geometries, and architecture. The creation of a conceptual urban design rooted in traditional Syrian patterns and geometries stands as a further exploration of what does architecture mean look like and why.