ARCH 793AB: Cultural Practice

Instructor: Andy Ku

Urban Theater Stage

As a geographically exposed coastal city, Venice has long been regarded as a paragon of urban development. Murano lsland, situated to the north of Venice, is renowned for its glass artistry, offering visitors a unique opportunity to witness the art of glassblowing and explore a community dedicated to preserving this ancient craft and vibrant culture.Thus, the Bubble Museum represents a reinterpretation and tribute to Venetian urbanism, aiming to transform the island’s vacant spaces into new, modern, and enticing places, fostering symbiosis between the old and the new, and serving as a platform for promoting the glass art culture of Murano lsland. Symbolically, the only approach to the building is by navigating along the waterways. Unlike traditional glass art museums, this is a more open museum type with intriguing edges, where cultural and everyday activities thrive within, turning city residents and artists into actors in the urban drama, while visitors assume the role of spectators, and the entire building becomes a fixed stage within the city. The spatial scenes of the stage combine the cultural and historical aspects of the city through dramatic visibility serving as elements of urban life phenomena, where visitors utilize these cultural and historical reference points to create their own memories.