ARCH 502A: Architectural Design V Gallery: Designing for a New Collective Good – Inclusive Alternatives of Urban Value Creation

Collective Support

Collective good is the sum of individual goods, and also a balance between individual and collective.

But what’s problematic about many urban mass housing is that it has homogeneous and strict layouts, which does not allow easy change. People have to sacrifice their diverse tastes and lifestyles to accommodate to these strict space.

This project aims at providing people with more freedom and agency over their dwelling units. The word support comes from John Habraken and his idea of open building. Support is the basic structure of the building. And the idea is that architects should limit themselves to the design of support, and leaves the dwelling units for the inhabitants to create. This project takes it to a more collective direction, in which inhabitants need to not only construct their own units, but also need to contribute to the construction of collective space.

The introduction of several coefficients that regulate the unit price and an open framework allow residents to create their bottom-up and autonomous dwelling complex.