ARCH 502A: Architectural Design V Gallery: Designing for a New Collective Good – Inclusive Alternatives of Urban Value Creation


Hack-a-way was inspired by the research of ‘hack cabs’ in subaltern urban areas to define a a concept of ‘hacking’ which broadly encompasses actions which include a) improvising a solution to a limitation and b) an instance of gaining (il)legal access to a space. Under the scope of LA’s housing shortage, civilians on the margins of society are ‘hacking’ their own homes, by using the margins of existing freeway infrastructure as a type of shelter. This observed behavior begs the question if problematic infrastructure such as freeway systems could be ‘hacked into’ at the community level. Hack-a-way recommends, and provides some of the tools for a bottom-up overtaking of the freeway system, ultimately projecting a new human-scale infrastructure and collective-focused value chain.