ARCH 202B: Architectural Design II Gallery: The Detail Tells the Tale

The Cooking Forager Culinary Art School

The Cooking Forager Culinary Art School has the intention to provide a community space where locals learn how to produce and cook their own meals since the neighborhood of USC lacks healthy and affordable food resources. Classrooms were designed for local residents that would like to sign up for culinary classes and learn how to cook the food harvested in the community garden. The garden and the workshop spaces would be areas where locals can come any time of the day to collect their food and prepare it to take home, or even learn how to prepare the food correctly. At the storage room, ingredients collected at the garden would be stored and separated for the use in the culinary classes. Finally, at the digital Hall, locals can look for more recipes and tips on how to better prepare their food. The main purpose of The Cooking Forager is to be an open space for USC locals to have access to healthy food that would lead to a healthier lifestyle.