ARCH 202B: Architectural Design II Gallery: The Detail Tells the Tale

Vessel of Vessels

The antisocial teen attends a local private school and does well in her studies. However, she struggles with making friends and does not know what to do with her time when she is not in school or studying. One afternoon, she is taking a walk outside of her home and she stumbles on this site, which pulls her in. Upon entering, she is greeted by a motley world of blocks. The project, which contains a pottery studio, pottery collection and research hall, is the perfect space for her to find her artistic self. She immerses herself in the arts of pottery making and befriends a group of older adults, some of which are immigrants from other countries. The two parties meet and collide, sharing cultural differences, ideas and practices. The academic and the retired immigrants learn and grow from one another’s cultural and generational differences through sharing and making art work. This project acts as a physical vessel that contains more physical vessels, but also contains spaces that are vessels of experiences.

The words, motley and collide, were specifically chosen to refer to the nature of the joints studied at the beginning of the semester. This investigation of Motley+Collide is manifested in structures of increasing scale and material studies, finalized with Vessel of Vessels.