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502a_SaschaDelz_BeatrizSuarez_Page5 – Beatriz Suarez


SHOP-OP is a proposal for a new retail typology built around the cooperative business model. By providing flexible shop modules and encouraging participation through workshops…

Arch502a_SaschaDelz_IsabellaMariles_Title – Isabella Mariles-Ostheimer


Rewilding Suburbia is a project focused on creating new networks of sustainable practices that can teach, encourage, and provide a more sustainable lifestyle to all…

ARCH502a_HadrianPredock_BryanChen_CoverPhoto-01 (1) – Bryan Chen

Patient Zero

Much of the lineage found in architectural history books document the various theories and cultural shifts up to the end of the twentieth century leaving…

Arch502_HadrianPredock_InhongJung_Page3 – Inhong Jung

New Normal Archtiecture

New Normal Architecture introduces a new form of live+work in architectural practice. The space is designed for collectives of designers, tech developers, and influencers. Each…

cover photo – Peiran Ye

Fusion Studio

Coming from the practice, the architectural life-work practice made influences on different area, like architectural theory, the way of expression and technology development. On the…

Arch502_Hadrian-Predick_James-McLeish_Thumbnail-10 – James McLeish


Multilingualism is a work life practice with an agency that claims responsibility to study overlapping fields; specifically art, music, computer science, and urban planning. We…

ARCH502_MaryCasper_StephanieBarragan_CoverPhoto-01 – Stephanie Barragan

Hidden Gems

“Hidden Gems is an exploration of light, its manifestations and how these can transform the urban landscape. The project looks specifically into the experience of…

ARCH502_MaryCasper_ZhaohuiWang_Cover – Zhaohui Wang

Liquid Theatre

We are living in a world where negation and disputation become the nature of our environment. Our public building needs to be malleable and adaptable…

ARCH402a_HadrianPredock_ChristinaDiaz_Page1-04 – Christina Diaz


THE HYBRID HOUSE is the headquarters of IMAGINARY ____________, a multidisciplinary practice of 11 individuals dedicated to alternative architectural representation that transcends the standard building…

Daughenbaugh_Andrew_Final_0510_Page_01 – Andrew Daughenbaugh


ArchiCoRe is a practice specializing in Augmented and Virtual reality. Designing their own work/live space, ArchiCoRe uses their knowledge in virtual worlds to create spatial…

Thumbnail – Christina Shin


Sh.tudio also known as shop + studio proposes a new form of work-life in architectural practice. Based on a typical suburban home, Sh.tudio critiques the…

ARCH502a_EricHaas_AdriannaFransz_Cover – Adrianna Fransz


My analytical system will transform misused lots into social nodes through understanding existing communal spaces and assigning programmatic tags to address social voids. This tagging…

thumbnail – Alexa Blanchet

Muscle Memory

What if practice was the performance? An architectural critique to unseen processes, Muscle Memory elevates practice over performance by engaging the fundamental technique of Vaganova…

Cover Image – John Gerard Perez

Mend the Gap

Mend the Gap proposes a new form a street development where users can directly participate in the design and construction process of their neighborhood streets….

PANOmiro – Noah Samuels


Hack-a-way was inspired by the research of ‘hack cabs’ in subaltern urban areas to define a a concept of ‘hacking’ which broadly encompasses actions which…


Building Generator

A critique of the present rigidity and bias of 3D modeling software followed by an encouragement toward technologies rooted in a set of new ideologies.

Grkikian_Georgina_thesis_deck-01 – Georgina Grkikian

Connect + Play

Connect + Play Art Park is a new urban site for the community displaying 10 Art Installations of different material, scale and concept. These installations…

502_Haas_BenStout_COVER – Benjamin Stout (1)


My project illustrates the culpability of architecture in today’s postural conditions and chronic diseases, and provides a foundational framework that can be used to understand…

Cover page-01 – Mary Perez

Re gen

Re gen is a proposal for a radical way to recycle local used items through a multi-scale material conversion and repurpose system. The Re gen…

502_Casper_Gonzalez_Cover – Nataly Gonzalez-Fimbres


This project explores the future of retail by addressing a future hybrid of physical and online shopping. It supposes a future where Maximal consumerism is…

ARCH502a_SaschaDelz_GuyLaforet_Thumbnail – Guy Laforet-Kawaguchi

Urban Nomads

The NOMAD system is a hyper-mobile shelter unit that gives the users agency to embark on self-improving journeys without the limitation of being stuck in…

ARCH502a_MaryCasper_VirginiaLeopard_Page1 copy – Virginia Leopard

Edible Spaces

Our relationship with food is strained, unfamiliar and wasteful. my thesis strives to reimagine how and where we eat, looking at each element of the…

ARCH502a_MaryCasper_ChailaJohnson_CoverPhoto – Chaila Johnson

Alta Scape

Alta Scape combines the more basic neighborhood with the walkability of the theme park and the projective elements of the theme park attraction. With this…

ARCH502a_MaryCasper_NastassjaLafontant_BILLBOARD – Nastassja Lafontant

Bathroom Rituals

Studying Americanized bathroom spaces and how to implement Eastern social factors as if they were Roman bathhouse or sentos. I would argue that the only…