ARCH 793AB: Practice Make Performance

Instructor: Lisa Little

Practice Make Performance

The advent of digital mass customization means many similar but different parts can now be produced as economically as a single repeated part. Aggregation of mass customized parts has rich potential including architectural qualities of open-endedness, blurriness, and the non-figural. But systems built of small parts combined together also afford specificity and precision through their scale and variability thus providing powerful potential in terms of performance.

With part-to-whole mass customization as the premise, students directed their research and thesis projects in one of several possible directions. The emerging body of work self-organized under the term ‘The Discrete’ offers options to explore social concerns and scale-in-place potential in a digital era. Critical computation challenges architects to use computational techniques to define new value systems for form generation. Alarming climate change poses another important area to deploy performative part-to-whole aggregated systems. Through additive design strategies and processes such as aggregation and 3d printing, students iteratively worked between research and making as a way to ‘practice the practice’, interrogating the small part with an emphasis on iteration as a means to excellence.

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Qianqian_Jo Wu_MArch 24_Little_Invasion Housing_image

Invasion Housing

As the economic conditions of cities have chosen to favor capital interests over egalitarian needs, low-income communities have been displaced for the benefit of stakeholders. Hyper-development of trendy business models…

Blue Todosiev_MArch24_Little_Reconstructing Carbon Capital_image

Reconstructing Carbon Capital

The 20th Century oil-fueled global economy enabled faith in infinite growth. Climate disasters, conflict, and increased extraction costs pose an existential threat to the carbon-based way of life. Contemporary visions…

Judy Hsieh_MArch 24_Little_Scented Narratives_image


Within the field of architecture, the design process is predominantly driven by the sense of sight, a dominant force in shaping our perception and appreciation of architecture. In our visually-focused…

Kristin Garner_M.Arch 24_Little_House of Stories_04.05-02


This thesis employs architecture as a tool to foster cultural exchange and historical resonance through storytelling. It reimagines the bathhouse as a transformative medium for communication, cultivating empathy and connection…

REVISED Asma Aloraifi_MArch 24_Little_Unpacking Flatness_Image

Unpacking Flatness

Amidst the expansive desert terrain, where horizons extend endlessly, lies an urban challenge: how does urbanism start in this Flat where there is no distinction between what is within and…