ARCH 793AB: Cultural Practice

Instructor: Andy Ku

Cultural Practice

What is the hope of cultural engagement in the context of architecture? Does it embrace the need for connectivity with generative and expansive thinking to produce spatial possibilities? By instigating architectural practice as cultural participation, can it warrant diplomacy for determining the inherent disciplinary and cultural territory by reshaping the boundaries into a garden or estuary?

The studio observes social phenomena, historical development, and everyday life as collective cultural stewardship and advancement for making architecture. The course aims to generate ideas for spatial productions with cultural concerns, promoting conscientious design endeavors, resolutions, and identities. This approach makes cultural interest the foundation for design research and thesis, immersing the researcher in a vibrant, communal, and spiritual perspective to advance project discoveries.

The thesis is a practice for everyone to establish creative concerns toward cultural endeavor as a way of being. Culture often informs us of who we are and how we connect to our work with the potential to feed back into the world. Sometimes, cultural conditions are only as significant as our perceptions of them. When we cultivate our care and awareness, we expand our understanding of culture and the world. At the same rate, this act also has the potential to expand the scope of our work and the lives we live.

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Yasmeen Tizani_MArch 24_Ku_De(Construction)Colonization_image


How different would cities and architecture look like if we embraced existing cultures? Our ideas of architecture and urban planning is heavily influenced by colonialism/European architects and architecture. There’s so…

Xiao Liu_MArch 24_Ku_Urban Theater Stage_image

Urban Theater Stage

As a geographically exposed coastal city, Venice has long been regarded as a paragon of urban development. Murano lsland, situated to the north of Venice, is renowned for its glass…

Qingnan He_MArch 24_Advisor Andy Ku-_Echos of care_image

Echos Of Care

My thesis explores the potential of architecture to amplify social awareness and foster healing, specifically targeting the mental well-being of firefighters who contend with occupational stigma and resource shortages. I…

Osamu Sakurai_MArch 24_Ku_Endurance of Architecture_2404051135

Endurance of Architecture 

In an increasingly globalized world, is there a way to preserve regional characteristics within architecture and urban environments? The accelerating trend of globalization often blurs the boundaries between nations, involving…

Hanin Alghamdi_MArch 24_Ku_Towards The Stars_image

Towards The Stars

How does architecture relate to astronomy? Living in Arabian deserts, people have always contemplated the stars. There has always been an intimate relationship between people and the stars, which is…