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Thumbnail – Christina Shin


Sh.tudio also known as shop + studio proposes a new form of work-life in architectural practice. Based on a typical suburban home, Sh.tudio critiques the…

ARCH502a_EricHaas_AdriannaFransz_Cover – Adrianna Fransz


My analytical system will transform misused lots into social nodes through understanding existing communal spaces and assigning programmatic tags to address social voids. This tagging…

thumbnail – Alexa Blanchet

Muscle Memory

What if practice was the performance? An architectural critique to unseen processes, Muscle Memory elevates practice over performance by engaging the fundamental technique of Vaganova…

793b_AndyKu_EsraDaghestani_Slide54_project cover photo – Esra Daghestani


This project aims to investigate the precedents’ performance in terms of their functionality, lighting, air quality, and permanency. Moreover, using precedents from Islamic Architecture to…

Cover Image – John Gerard Perez

Mend the Gap

Mend the Gap proposes a new form a street development where users can directly participate in the design and construction process of their neighborhood streets….

PANOmiro – Noah Samuels


Hack-a-way was inspired by the research of ‘hack cabs’ in subaltern urban areas to define a a concept of ‘hacking’ which broadly encompasses actions which…


Building Generator

A critique of the present rigidity and bias of 3D modeling software followed by an encouragement toward technologies rooted in a set of new ideologies.

Grkikian_Georgina_thesis_deck-01 – Georgina Grkikian

Connect + Play

Connect + Play Art Park is a new urban site for the community displaying 10 Art Installations of different material, scale and concept. These installations…

502_Haas_BenStout_COVER – Benjamin Stout (1)


My project illustrates the culpability of architecture in today’s postural conditions and chronic diseases, and provides a foundational framework that can be used to understand…

Cover page-01 – Mary Perez

Re gen

Re gen is a proposal for a radical way to recycle local used items through a multi-scale material conversion and repurpose system. The Re gen…

Arch793b_YaohuaWang_HiuChingPinkyLam_Coverphoto – Pinky Lam


Experimenting the different perspective of basic architecture elements. Maximize the opportunity with the spatial area with ambiguity. Final goal is to achieve a project work…

Arch793b_ImanAnsari_NateMiller_Cover – Nate Miller


My thesis project explores the relationship between temporary and adaptable architectural design and the changing needs of an educational facility facing current technological demands. By…